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Reincarnation and The Great Treasure

God's Secret Path That No Fowl Knows

The Path They Could Not Contaminate

Leaving myself out of it no one knows for sure what happens after death and between lives except those who have memory of reincarnation. While many suspect previous life experiences are turning up in dreams and flashbacks few can claim to actually remember it as part of their transition from life to life.

While I have full memory of my last death, between lives, being in the spirit and with the Spirit and of the visions given to me at that time, which have now come true, my authority to speak is a great treasure.

Many say that my message is unique and powerful and there is a reason for that. To begin with the Spirit told me not to read what others have written as IT was teaching me.

The lessons went on for years and I thought they would never stop.

When I was first commissioned, however, I asked the Spirit to leave nothing out as I needed to know everything. It has happened like that. Nothing has been left out.

my story the Spirit showed me Old Testament passages stating that I would be taken to Babylon in order to learn everything and free the children.

Unprepared for the depths to which I was taken and even less prepared when told to do a university degree (to support the things shown in visions) the origin of language and religion was shown and determined how man got it so wrong. It was here at the very point of behaviour change and cognitive development that he lost out.

There are many references to treasure in the Old Testament but few have deciphered the truth behind them. The Spirit is not interested in man's wealth and things like jewellery, gold and diamonds are just blown out puffs of wind which mean nothing in the long run. The treasure is the Spirit of God that is within us, around us, protecting us and filling us with power - those who are of Israel.

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