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The Spiritual Connection To Past Lives

Hatred of Reincarnation
by Norma Holt

Religions Hate It

The Catholic Church was the start of all Christianity because Constantine invented Jesus Christ when he established his religion in 325 AD.

That is something vehemently denied by the religions that are dependent on this figure as their prophet. It is,however, confirmed in Revelation where it states: And (he) deceiveth them that dwell on the earrh by the means of those miracles which he had power to do in the sight of the beasy; saying to them that dwell on on the earth, that they should mske an image to the beast, which had the wound by a sword, and did live. Revelation 13:14

The beast that had the wound by the sword was Jesus Christ. Most Christians believe that Christ was known long before Constantine, and that is true. It was, in fact, Chrish-na (Krishna) of the Vedic Trinity that philosophers and others spoke of and even wrote about.

Plato had used the term "Chrisian" or "Christian" more than 600 years earlier. This same model was used for the new prophet, but over the years much refinement has occurred to hide this face. He had also posited that the 'sol' (sun) is within every man (women were excluded) and that it would be darkened by sins committed throughout their lives.

When Jerome compiled the New Testament on the request of Damasus the then bishop of Rome he probably wrote the book of Matthew because it contains church laws that he also introduced from the Roman Imperial Islamic Religion.

The complete story of the beginning of Christianity is on No Jesus Christ web site.

The reason this has been brought up here is because of the myths of heaven and hell that have been used to override reincarnation. The Catholic Church outlawed it during the 5th CAD and anyone caught suggesting it after that time could be put to death.

Religions are dependent on people believing in their fanciful rewards and threats in the after-life. This is what my reincarnation has disproved.

With memory of my last death and passage between lives in the spirit there is much to relate about that experience. It suffices to state here that definitely proved that no such places exist but that hell is a terrorist threat to drive people to perform things they might not otherwise do.

Religions are falling apart now as the terrorists demonstrate how bade they are when it comes to forcing people into activities, such as suicide bombings and mass killing of others.

The Christian religions are guilty of the murder of millions since the days of Constantine. His edicts have survived ordering torture and punishment, including horrible deaths, for those who refused to worship the image he put forward of the Christ.

There is only one God, the Great Creative Spirit of the Universe. There is no heaven or hell and certainly no devil, angels, saints or anything else floating around in the sky. These things are nothing but window dressing and fake gods that are meant to impress people and hook them into the organisation.

They exist only in people's imagination and they have to do with earth bound creatures that are modelled on human behaviour. There is no kingdom in the sky and certainly nothing that has a wall around it and a door for which the Vatican claims it has the key. It logo is a couple of keys and the entrance to the building is shaped as a keyhole.

My question to anyone who maintains their belief in these places is "where are they? For something to exist it must have a presence. That means it can be felt, touched, seen, heard, or even smelled.

The Spirit can be felt, heard and seen when it does work, such as healing the sick or repairing broken bones, and so on. For those with a link to it they know that its presence is with them constantly because they feel it.

The Spirit left this promise in the Old Testament prophecies: A noise shall come to the ends of the earth, for the Spirit has a controversy with the nations; it will plead with all flesh; and give them that are wicked to the sword."

That controversy is about the false gods people worship and the role heaven and hell plays in people's behaviour. If they were real places and are to last for all eternity then why would the Spirit leave these words of their removal?

"I am the Spirit; and there is none else, there is no God beside me: . . . I form the light and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil; I the Spirit do all these things. Drop down, ye heavens from above, and let the skies pour down righteousness: let the earth open, and let them bring forth salvation, and let righteousness spring up together; I the Spirit have created it."Isaiah 45:5-8

The bible has been changed by cohorts of Constantine and the Jews who first compiled the Septuagint from which the New Testament was taken. Jerome translated it and noted in his diary and letters how he changed parts to make it align with what he did.

The Jews were forbidden to write 'god', 'spirit', or anything that suggested them. Someone, therefore, substituted 'lord' for 'spirit' which is why it has been changed back in the above quote, and elsewhere.

The noise that is circulating now is about reincarnation. That is what this site now focuses on

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