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Surprises in Store

God's Secret Path That No Fowl Knows

Life is Full of Surprises
and none more so than this
but it is as normal as being born

Reincarnation is REAL and the testimonies for it are extraordinary.

It is outlawed by Religion which holds many a poor soul prisoner by nothing more than their imagination and by brainwashing, especially children who cannot break away from it.

Anyone with the experience of reincarnation knows there is a great Spiritual Creator but it is not what religion teaches.

If you follow this debate and read the links offered and the story below your eyes will be opened - guaranteed.

My research covers several millennium of human existence and proves that religion is not of God but rather a conglomeration of illogical excuses and anecdotes for things not understood, misconceived or desirable. Such as eternal life and what happens to us after death.

Religious leaders long ago realized the power that controlling the afterlife gave them. Through fear they generated by fire and brimstone sermons they learned how to make people pay for salvation. It became big business and thousands died as the churches took control in every country. They also died in the most painful manner - usually by burning alive at the stake or being tortured to death.

Rewards and punishment are the engines by which religion is propelled and heaven and hell the wind in its sails. Its also the power that makes slaves of the poor and ensures the rich get richer. It is the weapon of governments, kings and merchants.

From time immemorial the elders who became priests and pastors struggled to explain what they could not decipher. Their status depended on the answers published in corrupted books like the bible. If their messages sound good and provide rewards in the after life it is OK. People cannot and will not think for themselves when they have masters.

For 2 years I was led to study the bible from cover to cover. I learned through the Spirit that certain parts are spiritual but much of it has been altered, added to or corrupted by man's own thinking. The entire New testament falls into that category.

The prophecies contained in Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel and others are mostly correct, such as this one:-

For God has poured upon you the spirit of deep sleep, and have closed your eyes: the prophets and your rulers, the seers have been covered. And the vision of all is become unto you as the words of a book that is sealed, which men deliver to one that is learned, saying, Read this, I pray thee; and he saith, I cannot, for it is sealed: And the book is delivered to him that is not learned, saying, Read this, I pray thee: and he saith, I am not learned. Therefore, God said, for as much as this people draw near me with their mouth and with their lips do honor me, but have removed their heart far from me, and their fear toward me is taught by the precept of men: Therefore, behold, I will proceed to do a marvellous work among this people, even a marvellous work and a wonder: for the wisdom of their wise men shall perish, and the understanding of their prudent men shall be hid. Isaiah 29:10-14

God has confounded the educated because most still believe in the impossible. Although we have space craft traveling into the outer regions of our universe without a sign of heaven and hell the learned still promote them as real. Why? Because they cannot change the status pro..

Couple with these things the charade of rituals and the worthlessness of costumes, hats, scarves, and other religious garb, ornaments, idols and calendars. Are they doing anything spiritual? No! It is pantomine, and people love dress up occasions and make believe. They really don't care whether it is real or not. They get the thrill out of the charades and the crowds taking part and the sense of belonging it gives them.

Man created myths from things in his environment.

  • Gods out of men,
  • Heaven to resemble his palaces,
  • and hell from the sun
  • That celestial body appears to strike the hills, where his gods, such as Zeus, Egyptian Pharoahs, Mayan Kings, and other chiefs were buried.

    The 'mounds' they built took the place of mountains and lifted their gods upwards. Three days after its 'end' (22nd December in Northern Hemisphere) the sun resurrects on 25th December as a new sun. Isn't that the so-called birthday of Christ.

    You know the phrase that 'Christ descended into hell (derived from 'h-el' or 'hill of god') and on the third day rose from the dead." But this happened at Easter, a term derived from 'eye-star' meaning the eye of Mother God. Oh! You probably don't know about her.

    My research revealed she was the divinity of antiquity for probably millions of years. She is remembered as 'mother nature' and reveals her presence in ancient religions as Isis, Astereth, Estar, ishtar, Sybil and, of course, Mary.

    She was the 'equine' while the man on the cross was the 'Ox'. They married at 'equinox', the old date for Easter. 'Mary' gave rise to 'marry' in recognition of this fertility rite. 'Equine' or, as it was then.'I'quin' gave rise to 'queen'.

    Only men who died on crosses or in the circle of the cross could marry her. From that symbol he acquired the name 'O-X' as [x] equates with [+] as cross.

    Rock art in Scandinavia depicts men rising to the heavens clutching circle/cross symbols as kites. They display huge erect penises ready to mate with her. They wear wings as angels, and swords at their sides. They possess the heads of birds in recognition of their transformation into 'spirits' or 'gods'.

    The same symbolic details are recorded on the sarcophagus lid in the tomb of Pacal, a pre-historic Mayan king, who was buried in the base of a pyramid in Palanque, Mexico c1400ya (years ago).

    By comparing sites and symbols the rituals and ideology of ancient religions was pieced together and, you guessed it, they bear a striking resemblance to the dogma in all religions.

    Ancient sites are bearers of symbolism related to her and as the 'mother's powerful eye' the sun was called 'Mari'. Does that ring a bell? Christianity still favors Mary as the Mother of God but no longer as Mother god.

    'Hell' takes its name from 'hill' inside which the tomb of the king was fashioned. That is the purpose of pyramids, mounds, and as I discovered, Stonehenge. The modern religions, such as that of Catholicism, outlawed this practice in favor of their own so-called Savior who supposedly died on a hill and descended into hell, before rising into heaven. This is exactly the pantomime drawn in detail on pacal's sarcophagus. They turned the hill, where the hot sun appeared, into the place of eternal fire.

    Norma's sites are an eye opener for the previously blind and deaf and they reveal how everything was done to fool the world into believing the lies and to bring you under the church's power. It says so in the bible.

    For I have not sent them, said God, yet they prophesy a lie in my name; that I might drive you out, and that you might perish, you and the prophets that prophesy unto you. Jeremish:27,15

  • Do you wonder about 'Out of Body Experiences'?

  • Do you have dejavu experiences?

  • Thought on how psychics predict the future?

  • Or of someone then met them unexpectedly?

  • Do you believe that our thinking is twisted?

  • Or why many are confused about death?

  • Or frightened by it?

  • Do you question supernatural events?

  • Do you wonder why lies come before truth?

  • Why make-believe and story telling is profitable?

  • Where heaven and hell are as no one has ever seen them?
  • Or how a vrigin birth could occur in the face of modern genetic knowledge?
  • Do you know why people blow others up?

  • Why they destroy the environment we depend on?

  • Why religious principles override common sense?

  • Why people may fear death?

    The evidence for reincarnation is too strong to ignore. It is too widespread to be coincidence. It is too important to let go.

    With full memory of my last death and of being between lives I came into this one with hundreds of questions that has taken most of my life to resolve.

    Questions like:-

  • Why people believe in so many gods and spirits?
  • Why life and death is made so mysterious?
  • Why reincarnation experiences are not openly discussed?
  • Why those who have them are silenced?
  • Why lies are tolerated so much?
  • Why make-believe is such a cash cow?
  • Why people believe in fairy tales?
  • Why parents lie to their children?
  • The questions reemerged every day in my new life leaving me anxious to reveal these things. Little did it occur to me that one day it would be the Spirit that would take control and really spill the beans.

    The answers did not come easy but when they started it was like a tap turned on. Amidst the pain in my heart and the tears shed over visions shown to me of what is soon to come an enormous fraud appeared that must first be exposed.

    The Catholic Church outlawed reincarnation in the 5th CAD. What was it hiding? The fact that it required a special order to ban it meant that numerous people must have believed in it. So why is it a threat?

    But all three major religions, Islam, Judaidsm, and Christianity, ban it. This, along with other evidence, shows their roots are in the same location

    Tortured Souls.

    As a long time Spiritual Counselor many stories told to me of religious torture border on criminality and are most certainly child abuse.

    The middle aged man who, a young boy in The Netherlands, was tortured by his sexuality when he realized he was 'different'.

    Unable to talk to his devout Catholic parents about his problem he knew that the doctor would tell them if he confided in him.

    Other problems faced were the constant punishments he and his sister received from a father who had once belonged to a Seminary.

    With the threat of hell hanging over their heads this family was torn apart by the torture inflicted by the Church and insane messages that if children are not severely punished for so called 'sins' their parents will spend eternity in a fire.

    The boy fled from home and eventually found his way to Australia.

    He was well into his fifties when he came to me for help from the torture he still suffered daily as a result of the lies.

    As he poured out his pain the Spirit entered his body and, for the first time ever, he felt God and he felt good.

    This is fodder for terrorism around the world.

  • Why is religious make-believe allowed to survive?
  • Why do governments protect and support it?
  • Why are only men accepted as being of God and why are women pushed out of the picture?
  • Why do male drunks, liars and thieves get more respect and attention than a loving mother or dedicated woman of the Spirit.
  • Driven from Birth this Story Is Not Going Away

  • If heaven and hell exist then where are they?

    Things that can't be seen, felt, touched, smelt or tasted must exist only in the imagination. When brainwashed from birth into believing in it hell has become a prison from which escape is impossible and heaven is a reward of false hopes.

    To protect these lies people like Galileo, who first peered into the universe to discover that the earth is not the center of it, suffered under the direction of Church leaders. His books were banished and he was imprisoned, tortured and then home imprisoned for the remainder of his life.

    Other scholars whose discoveries disproved religious lies were also threatened. Darwin's work was banished for over a hundred years and many religions still forbid any knowledge of evolution, although the evidence for it is enormous.

    Christopher Columbus was held back for decades from proving the world is round and, thus, verifiying the discoveries of Galileo and Columbus.

  • So ask yourself what else religion is hiding from you?

  • What are your rights in a society where free speech allows you to know the truth?

  • Why does religious dogma and misguided thinking control the world?

  • In a world battling overpopulation and with finite resources why do religious organisations insist on ever more babies?

  • Why too do they forbid such things as stem cell research which can help preserve life rather than bring children into the world who may well starve to death.

  • Case Study 2.

    I was above my body looking down on that of a 45 year old man. Suddenly in darkness there was an incredible spiritual presence that showed me visions of my next life. It stretched out ahead of me like a line into the distance and there were ups and downs along the line.

    Born with a different language and full memory of the reincarnation recall of things from those early days verify my reincarnation.

    Aware of the handicap ahead my research led me to the academic world and a degree in relevant subjects to prove the visions.

    It is done and published. You can read much of it right now in the e-book available below which explains in depth the things I was shown, and the pain we inflict on ourselves and others out of ignorance.

    After a lifetime of observations and more than 20 years of research the visions from before life and since became reality. The evidence is incredible and before us every day.

  • There are numerous testimonies of miraculous healings, of returning to bodies after 'death' and living normal but changed lives.

    We return to the world we left, often to a different skin color or different sex, and when this is known people might conduct themselves better. They will not float off into the sky and live in some kind of paradise leaving their mess for the next generation to resolve. If they are not spiritual they will be gone forever.

  • The sex change that sometimes occurs as a result of reincarnation may leave people bewildered and unable to accept their new condition. This is likely the reason for homosexuality whereby one is more comfortable in relationship with someone of what used to be the opposite sex. It might also explain why transvestites are happier with a complete sex change.

    Many who hear of my experience and are touched by the Spirit comment on how simple it is. How uncomplicated! You don't need repetitious prayers, or songs of praise or anything else to be in contact. You just need to be seeking the right answers and to ask God with humility for the infilling.

    There is no mystery about death and the new life ahead. But religion wants you to turn to its authority to understand the most complicated and misinformed rigmarole of made up rubbish to make you pay for the enlightenment.

    They rob you blind through your blindness and they deafen you to the voice within. So why is this allowed.

    It is not a question easily answered until one fully understands how mythology and make-believe rules people. It is only when backed into a corner will someone want to know the truth. That time is now because the world is ending.

    Hiding The Spirit of the Universe.

    All major religious organisations derive their power from tales of heaven and hell, a male invisible god, and a prophet, usually one born of a virgin birth, who died violently to save us, and who rose mysteriously into heaven.

    They preach against people like me who have experiences to the contrary and they use weapons of deceit to do it. They tear down one's credibility with claims of being of the devil or of a sick mind and they build resistance and hatred by their preaching of justice and peace. They inflame situations and may even provoke murder and cause people to fight each other.

    The confusion over who is right and who is wrong builds up into festering sores that erupt in violent outbursts of evil intent. When there is no other way of answering their critics violence explodes and wars begin, as evidenced throughout history.

    Things Not Hidden are Ignored - WHY?

    The Spirit is the force that causes someone to board a doomed vehicle and others to miss it. That sends someone out into the path of an oncoming vehicle, that creates cancer in our bodies, or stops the beating heart.

    That same force sends us back into life with a certain number of days to live. We cannot alter that and when the time is up things happen to bring about our end. Timed perfectly to the minute.

    This fact alone undermines religious dogma built on an earth centered heaven and hell ruled by devils and spirits. Before the technology to see into space ancestral humans thought we were surrounded by ocean extending upwards to form sky.

    ESP is explained through spiritual connections within the plan. It links us to each other and to the Spirit. If it were not so then thinking of someone and then meeting them unexpectedly would not happen. Nor would we reach for the phone just before it rings, or hear our name called when there is no one around.

    Our thinking is twisted because of opposition to the spirit within, which directs and guides us.

    Confusion over death and the fear of dying stems from the lies or myths generated out of ignorance for control and power. Lies that border on pantomine and were tools of control from thousands of years ago.

    There should be no fear of dying but threats of eternal punishment have made it otherwise. It is living that hurts us and disease that destroys. Illnesses born of lies are harboured and fester to bring about illness, cancer, loss, and many other things born of it.

    Case Study 3.

    Through the Spirit many were led to me for healing.

    The first time this happened I was seeking the power through a local church organisation, called the Order of St.Luke.

    I had explored it a few times but had not seen anyone healed, although there were many claims.

    One day I went out to pray for someone, in their style, and a lady presented herself for healing of an ear condition.

    Placing my hands over her ears I rebuked the illness and was surprised when my left hand acted like a camera and peered inside the ear as something, invisible to the eye, came into my hand.

    She announced later that she was miraculourly healed although years before the same condition had required an operation.

    A few weeks later a friend also had an ear condition and was facing his second operation. This time I didn't 'see' the cure but he rang me a couple of days later to say that the doctor verified his healing.

    The Spirit was taking me away from all religious connections but there were some things still to do.

    When you witness spiritual healing after someone turns to the Spirit and seeks the truth, then you know that it is the blackness of their minds that caused the situation. When the light enters healing may be instantaneous.

    My daughter, who should know better, queued up for the latest edition of Harry Potter. She was later in agony having had an accident that badly twisted her ankle. When she related to me the Harry Potter incident she was quickly staightened out about how she had hurt the Spirit by worshipping the evil it contains.

    Accident and illnesses usually to make believe and idolatry engaged in beforehand. When the tsunami hit the Indian nations surrounding it one look at their idolatry, the gods they worship, the discrimination against women, and the make-believe they engage in revealed the cause.

    Make-believe runs the world and people are more prone to lies than to truth. The good story will get audiences paying fortunes to authors and producers for an escape from reality. Dreams become reality and destroy the spiritual connection. It deafens and blinds against the direction the Spirit has laid out. Then God strikes!

    Religion claims that such events are from the devil, but that is another lie. In my experience there is no devil, angels, saints or anything else to oppose the Spirit's plan. Religious fanatics do not want you to know that because lies provide their livelihood.

    As reincarnation is real threats of eternal punishment cannot be true, just as a paradise in the sky is a myth. There is no heavenly judge and no one has the keys to heaven. So no one can caste you into the fires or burning pits. When you realise the origin of these things you will know how backward our thinking is.

    Consider the control these things have over terrorists. Convinced that dying and murdering others is the will of God they willingly blow themselves up taking the greatest number with them for eternal bliss.

    What do you think?

    Some use threats of hell to force compliance of their will over nations. Compliance is born of tribal instincts for survival.

    What you cannot see gave rise to superstitious thought and indestructable weapons of authority. Heaven is a fraudulent ticket to paradise for those who serve. Hell is the eternal fire of damnation for their opponents. A curse that the superstitious must avoid at all costs.

    This is what Old Testament prophecy says of heaven and hell:

    And all the host of heaven shall be dissolved, and the heavens shall be rolled together as a scroll: and all their host shall fall down, as the leaf falls off from the vine, and a falling fig from the fig tree. Isaiah 34:5

    Lift up your eyes to the heavens, and look upon the earth beneath: for the heavens shall vanish away like smoke, and the earth shall wax old like a garment, and they that swell therein shall die in like manner. Isaiah 51:6

  • Who were the author(s) of the New Testament?
  • What is the conspiracy behind it?
  • Did Jesus Christ ever exist?
  • E-book is based on facts, records, diaries and history.
  • Forbidden to read what others have written it is from GOD

    The bible never left my hands until all that the Spirit wanted me to know was exposed.

    The world is coming to an end and if the Spirit is within you then you must discover how to connect to It before it is too late.

    My knowledge of reincarnation and the Spirit of the Universe is completely outlined in this book.

    Are you one of them? Is God tapping you on the shoulder??

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