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Reincarnation is a Fact

God's Secret Path That No Fowl Knows
by Norma Holt

Everyone Who Has Lived has Returned

It's What Religions Can't Survive

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Religions brainwash people from a young age into what they should think and how they must act. They are given rules and laws to keep and one of those laws is not to explore anything outside of the framework they are taught to remain attached to. The threat against anyone going against this is hell - the terrorist weapon for compliance.

As many now distrust this agenda they are searching for answers that allows the presence of a God without religion. That is what is highlighted herein. But one must open their mind and heart to the new possibility - that is reincarnation.

Mention that you remember your reincarnation and you might find people are ready to send you off to the loony bin. Some may ridicule you and others never talk to you again. Why?

I do remember my reincarnation from the point of my last death and the in between stage before returning to life in my present body. I have described it in full - visit the link

My true Reincarnation Story

My memory of it was preserved through the other language which came with me and which protected the talents and other things that also came from previous lives. But people brainwashed by religion have bent minds and curse and ridicule anyone who professes this type of thing.

That's why my life has been devoted to finding out where the rubbish that is religion comes from. The answers are shocking.

Constantine and Jesus Christ

The facts are that reincarnation challenges them to think outside the square. Indoctrination from birth into beliefs that heaven and hell are real and that anything that is not taught by religion is from the devil puts people off. Many will call discussions on this subject as blasphemy and anyone who claims to have experience of it supposedly is of the devil.

Unless you are interested in this topic, for whatever reason, you would not be reading this site? So what is drawing you? Is it your interest in spiritual prophecy and what is happening in the world today

Spiritual Prophecy

The Spirit of the Universe is powerful but it will only allow those who are searching for answers to find it. Through years of working in the spirit and counseling those wanting to discover their own spirituality the answers have come to me.

Conflicts in Bible Testimonies

From experience more people are obviously interested in this subject than will admit it. Some have a little voice inside telling them that it is true and others have, like me, actual memory of their last death and passage between lives.

The Stumbling Block Before God's People

Maybe you have some memory yourself and/or have other signs that you are spiritual and religion just does not address your needs. The latter is the stumbling block that is there to test if you are spiritual and have the inner strength to walk away from the lies and robbers.

There is no spiritual presence in religions and people usually come away feeling empty and unsatisfied. When the Spirit takes over, however, there is a wonderful inner glow that is all encompassing You are satisfied and connected in a way that removes loneliness; depression; disease; anger; frustration; and it brings about a calmness over you that is visible to others. Soon they want what you have because it is catching.

Healing Spiritually

If you are starving for answers to the many riddles that beset you in your search for answers you have come to the right place. Reincarnation is a fact and reading this site may change your life. To get the complete story it is essential that the truth be told and it is broadcast now over this and its sister sites, plus all the links that are available for you to study.

The Sun of righteousness

For starters check this out .

  • Do you have Memory of another life?

  • Do you remember your last death?

  • Do you have deja vu experiences?

  • Do you struggle with religious teaching?

  • Are you searching for answers?

  • Are you psychic?

  • Do you experience visions?

  • Do you believe in Reincarnation?

  • Does religion urk you?

  • Are you seeking answers to the facts?

  • Are you aware of the greatest fraud?

  • Are you being cheated of spirituality?

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    (NB spirituality is not religion)


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