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Commissions given - as established here

God's Secret Path That No Fowl Knows

My first commission came with me from my previous life. At death there was only one thing on my mind: "At last I can do it." This is a fair indication that I had carried the knowledge of what I am doing from many life times ago.

It is also obvious that every life lived had too many problems and not enough resources to complete it. That is because the timing was wrong.

Only in God's time and according to the Plan at work can it be accomplished.

What has to be done urgently in this life is revealing the truth about death and what happens in the after-life. It is about showing the world the nature and truth about the real God, whom I love to death and of whom I am a part.

During my time there I was given visions of my life to come and was shown the age of 45 years as being something extraordinary. This meant that I had plenty of time to prepare for it and to study everything possible about where notions of heaven and hell, devil, angels and saints come from. It rocked me to the core when I realised hope deeply entrenched these things are in the psyche.

At 45 the first commission came with great power and healing of my sinue problems, which I had carried from the age of 3. The power pinned me to the bed and these words, which made no sense at the time, were spoken by a deep authoritative voice inside my head: TEAR DOWN THE WALL OF CHURCHES, GO OUT TO THE PEOPLE, BRING BACK THE YOUNG.

The words were followed instantly by 3 visions. In the first I saw a figure resembling the images portrayed of Jesus Christ standing on top of a mountain with a large number of people crowded around as though teaching them. In the second I had replaced him and in the third my face was a screen like this one. The year was 1984.

Instantly asking for confirmation I said: "If that is you (meaning the Spirit that I knew and loved) then heal my sinus." It was instantly gone never to return. The following morning I was speaking in tongues but had until then never heard them. I was 45 years old.

Months later a man resembling the figure of Jesus Christ, dressed in a long red robe over a white one, stood momentarily in front of me and touched my forehead. It stayed warm where it had been touched for some 2 hours. Later I realised it was again a vision to show me that I would replace Jesus Christ as teacher.

Around 12 months after the power commissioned me to tear the walls of churches I was in a Pentecostal Church where the elements for communion were being given out. Suddenly a man on a cross stood momentarily in front of me. His face was that of someone in extreme pain suffering also the loss of loved ones, the retribution of murderous predators, and the confusion of innocence versus guilty.

he looked me in the eye and called my name "Norma". Inside I heard in that same deep authoritative voice: TAKE ME OFF THE CROSS. Another commission was now received and it was some time before I realised the meaning of the painful expression.

One morning while dressing these words stood in the air in front of my face: CONSTANTINE IS 666. That sent me searching to unearth all I could about him. At that point in time I knew practically nothing except that he was a Roman Caesar.

In despair I asked the Spirit to show me where in the bible it says I will do this. The reply was instant: GET THE BIBLE, the voice said and it opened at a pasasage where I read: How long wilt thou go about, O thou backsliding daughter? for God has created a new thing in the earth, A woman shall compass a man. Jeremiah 31:22

This told me at last why I am a woman. My reaction was one of almost total despair and I said to the Spirit "If I am to do this I need to know everything. Leave nothing out." I was shocked by how far I was taken back to the beginning of all knowledge and was taught everything. Now I had another commission to undo the lie of 666.

Soon after this I saw a treasure buried deep in the ground. It was extremely rich and overflowing as the lid was partly off. When no answer came about the meaning the meaning of the vision I was driven by the Spirit to visit a spiritual friend who received this message about it. She did not know of the vision. "The treasure is buried by the churches. You, my daughter will unearth the treasure and give it back to my people. The liars have hid the treasure but you will recover it for my people."

Another commission was now received. But there were more.

One day the power was so strong my body could not support me. Lying down I was lifted high above the earth and I saw it covered in a thick black goo that nothing could penetrate or remove. Suddenly a bright light, brighter than the sun, shot like a spear from where I stood down through the goo and flowed light a great light around the world pushing the black out until it broke apart and went off into space.

The earth was then bright and shining once more.

Another day when again in the Pentecostal Church I saw a line stretched out in front of me as a day. Then a bright light shot forth from where I stood and it arhed over the day and stopped at a point where I saw the word EVE. Where I stood was the word EVENING. Along the line there were millions of people and in the middle of it I saw the word NOON and there was a man on a cross and they lifted their arms towards him in praise.

The line of the day was in a semi darkness and at noon it was the darkest. the bright points were at the beginning and the end where I stood.

Puzzling for some time over that vision one day I was again driven to my bed by the power as my body would not support me. As I lay on the bed I saw my name change from 'Holt' to 'Hole' and then reverse to 'Elo' and then it was 'Elijah'.

Later the bible opened and I read about Elijah and how he called everyone together and asked them to sacrifice a bull at noon. Then he challenged them to prove it was a god with power and they called on it, cut themselves, did all they could but nothing happened. Elijah mocked them and then he slew a bull and called on the power of the Spirit to annihalate it and the fire of God fell on the earth and consumed the bull and the sacrifice.

It is a prophesy that is happening at this time for Elijah said to the people to choose who is God. Is it the bull sacrificed at noon or is it the Spirit that removes the false god at the end of the day.

Because Elijah showed then the power of the Spirit at the end of the day they declared that IT alone is God. My commissions have been to destroy the image of the false god of the Day of the Lord and to restore the Spirit to the people at the end.

To do this I needed the tools and now I have them and the power is attracting all who want to know the truth and escape the lies.

Yes, we reincarnate and yes I have returned to do the work laid out in the name of Elijah, which means 'God's eye of power'. It is the treasure for Israel, the children of the Spirit. 'Israel' means 'Eye of light, power with God' and all who are of Israel will feel the power in these words.

The Spirit is God and the name of the Spirit is Jesus. It is the name stolen for the image of the false god ao there are 2 gods with the same name. All who are of the Spirit will recognise the trick and return to the real God.

That is my job that was on my mind to do when I last died and now I am doing it. This is God's time and we are at the evening of the Day.

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