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Reincarnation is known by the 6th Sense.

God's Secret Path That No Fowl Knows

The Inner Voice is the 6th Sense

There are two types of truth in the world. There is the expected, or taught, truth that people blindly accept and there is the inner truth that you tend to cover up.

The latter is that felt inside and known in our hearts as right. It is hidden truth and it is at odds with society. It addresses all the above and those protecting religious lies are your enemies.

It is what I know and the subject of this work.

Whether expressed as instinct, sixth sense or psychic ability its still spirituality that comes to you outside of any church.

It is the truth that religious teachers do not want you to dwell on, experience, or promote. They go to great pains to ensure you do not experience the Spirit because it threatens their livelihood.

Religion depends on your acceptance of the male God and the power you give it by believeing that you will go to hell if you disobey its rules.

Anyone familiar with their sixth sense or spiritual power will understand why they feel bad when in a church or in association with lies. Many cannot read fiction or watch fraudulent programs for the same reasons. Likewise they cannot tell lies and deceive others.

This sixth sense is the power of the Spirit that manifests inside you when something is wrong and it ensures you stay on the 'straight path' and are aware of the danger of loosing connection with it. It might send shivers up your spine as a witness to the truth of something and feel dead inside when you go against it.

I have that experience if I go near a church or a movie theatre. For the same reason I cannot tell a lie or drink alcohol, take drugs or go against the Spirit in other ways. Anything that might hurt my body or corrupt my mind is taboo.

Going against the Spirit leaves a bad taste in your mouth. It may cause resentment or hatred to well up for the same reason. It is also something that passes between people so that you instantly like or dislike someone.

Once in a debate with a minister of a local church, who was negative to the possibilities of the Spirit, I had such a bad taste in my mouth that lasted a whole week. I ate blocks of chocolate in an effort to get rid of it.

The experience taught me never to debate the issue with anyone who is dead in the spirit. Oh yes, there are a great percentage of humanity who are not spiritual. These are the church goers and those who try to solved their problem by acting as saints.

Sometimes you see a picture before your eyes that makes little or no sense. It is a vision of something that will happen in the future and when it happens you know exactly how it plays out. Some call this psychic ability and the more you give in to it the better at it you become because spirit power builds within you.

Sometimes it is a voice speaking to you that cannot be ignored or a driving force that propels you against all the odds into a state where you are possibly thought mad or possessed by those without understanding.

Some people develop this sixth sense to such a degree they can tune into the spirit and gain answers to great puzzles. You see it often when psychics help police solve a murder or locate a body or something else that is missing.

This is a gift to God's children whoever and wherever they are. Mostly, however, they are so fearful of the consequences they let the power wain. If they are under the direction of a priest or religious body, they will soon loose contact if that link opposes it.

It is a feeling that may prevent tragedy.

It is an alarm ringing to preserve life, or take it.

It is the Spirit of Truth and if you follow it you are free, and this was known a long time before it found its way into the New Testament.

This story is from the Spirit of Truth and its all truth. Many have lost sight of reality because they accept false premises as truth.

For the same reason they cannot accept reincarnation as a possibility because they believe in the lies that feed that ego. Lies for which they must die before discoevring the truth.

Just as we hear right things in our head we often hear wrong things as well. These wrong things start wars, enighbourhood disputes, massacres, discrimination, and tragedies of all kinds. These 'wrong' things are, therefore, also true.

How many times has a massacre occurred and the one responsible has claimed to have heard voices in his head telling him to do it. The same might be true of the serial killer, or of some other incidence that greatly changes society in some way.

If we accept that there is a mighty powerful force at work over our lives then we can easily understand why tsunamis happen, why the earthquake that kills on a massive scale, the cyclones that wipe out cities, and so on.

Everyone of these events brings change, loss of life, and a rethink of the way we do things. Is that not how a great builder works to perfect something. If the foundations of a building are wonky are you going to pur a structure on then that might, in time, fall down. Not unless oyu were planning to have it fall over in the first place.

That is one way of looking at the plan of God. Man has built his power on a wonky foundation and it is about to fall over. By making it, thus, God allowed that man's so-called power will be demonstrtated to be inferior to that of the Great Spirit that created all things, including those that man depends on.

I am God and beside me there is no else

I form the light, and create darkness; I make peace and creat evil; I God do all these things. Isaiah 45:6,7

It's this truth, the Spirit of the Universe and the power of reincarnation, that has invented false gods, devils, angels and saints through those who seek spirituality but do not have it. The way to bury the truth is to deny it, ridicule it, outlaw it and kill off those who proclaim it.

There is a reason for this and God has made it known.

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